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May.19, 2003
Added the gay-ass pick of the anime thingie....."man I'm tired"....
May. 9, 2003
Added a AD&D thingie. I'm getting ready for a band comp in june. It's not really a comp. Well anyway I updated the quote. I'm writing a new song so keep checking. And lets get the counter to 100 by JUNE! Tell your friends about this site!
Apr.30, 2003
The new month is about to start. I'm going to add some more stuff. All I had time to do was add the counter and update the quote.
Apr.26, 2003
I received a poem from a friend. It's intitled Penis by. Dave Roche. I also cleaned the site today. I made it so you can listen to the songs in your Media Players.
Apr.25, 2003
I didn't have time to update the quote since I'm on somebody elses comp. So I could only make a song(Fuck The Government).
Apr.22, 2003
I added my first poem. Check it out!
Apr.20, 2003
I'm back! Some people wanted for me to update my site. So I guess this is my solid site. I'm gonna start working on it like a sweaty french lumberjack.

Quote of The Day:
 " Damian Sucks Cock "

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