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Age: 13
Sex: Male
Location: Canada
Favourite Meal: Meat Subs with Cheese-Wiz
Favourite VideoGame: Harvest Moon
Likes: CrapOnline, Websites, Rock/Punk Music, Techno Music, DDR, MTG:TCG, Wearing Cargo Pants, Being Stupid, Breakdanceing, TomGreen, Fireworks.
Dislikes: Getting on the floor, Baseball, Golf, WWI, WWII, Civilization 2 NON Multiplayer, Adrift 3.8.
Weapon of Choice: Bastard Sword

~Favourite Meal~
Vegetarian Pizza, Root Beer, and...CARPET LINT!
~Favourite Video Game~
I'd have to say GTA 3 (For those of you who don't know, that's Grand Theft Auto 3).
Hederosexual (I think that's how you spell it) Homosapiens, Large words (even if I don't know what they mean. I'll look it up), The Internet, Samo's ridiculous jokes, Oxygen, Trees, Video games, Speakers, Telephones, Paper, Magic: The Gathering, My crappy Pentium I computer, Vans, Metal, Plastic, Lids on Soda, Dice, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Samo is now becoming angered at the amount of crap I'm spilling onto this page, so I'll stop.
Grammatical Errors (unless they're my own), Spelling mistakes (unless they're my own), The accent over the E in Pokemon, Pokemon itself, Racism, Stupid people, Getting sand underneath my fingernails (not only is hard to get out, it's a sign that I need to clip my nails).
~Weapon of Choice~
Hmm, though the Bastard Sword does do 2-12 damage to a Medium or larger sized Monster, I'd have to say I prefer the Two-Handed Sword because it does 3-16 damage to a Monster of the same size. I especially like it with a Barbarian who can weild two at once. The Bastard Sword comes in a close second with its high damage capabilities and One-Handed weilding.